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Greenshields, Anne --- "NetWatch: December 1995" [1995] MurdochUeJlLaw 26; (1995) 2(3) Murdoch University Electronic Journal of Law

Title : NetWatch December 1995
Author : Anne Greenshields
Organisation : Murdoch University Library
Keywords : internet resources; law
Abstract : Information on internet resources related to law
Citation : E Law - Murdoch University Electronic Journal of Law,
: vol 2, no 3, (December 1995) (There are no page numbers.)
ISSN : 1321-8247
Filename : netw3.txt
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File type : Document
File format : ASCII
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Contact Name : The Editors, E Law
Contact Address: Murdoch University School of Law, PO Box 1014,
: Canning Vale, Western Australia, 6155
Contact Phone : + 61 9 360 2979
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Preparation of this issue of netwatch was a "nightmare" of culling. Law
firms across world are putting up web sites and resources at a phenominal
rate. and will not usually be included in Netwatch. The compilation of
Netwatch is largely a subjective exercise by which the law librarians
select sites which offer useful resources or useful links to other sites.

All entries noted in this and previous issues of Netwatch have been
incorporated into the web pages compiled by the Murdoch University Law
Librarians. URL:

These pages will be updated regularly to incorporate sites of substance
which we think will be of value to law students and legal practitioners.
Future issues of Netwatch will focus on particular topics and resources
which stand out as sites of excellence.

In response to a 'readers' request a section of this netwatch focuses on
the topic "Labor law and industrial relations".

The divisions in Netwatch are
Geographic :
European (none noted this issue)
North American (none noted this issue)

Specialist resources
Special topic - Labor law and industrial relations.
Computers and the law
Commerce and trade (none noted this issue)
Crime and Criminology
Environmental law
International law (none noted this issue)
Intellectual property (none noted this issue)

Types of materials
Primary Legal Materials
Reference sites and directories
Discussion Lists
Electronic Journals

Types of providers

Singapore Statistics
The Statistics Singapore Home Page is a service provided by the Department
of Statistics, Singapore. The Department is the national statistical
responsible for disseminating official statistics on Singapore.

High Court of Australia, decisions since 1950
New resource added to AustLII

The Department of Employment, Education and Training

If you are looking for information on EdNA (Education Network Australia),
then it is worth keeping an eye on DEET's Web page. It has copies of press
releases, and speeches by departmental staff and Ministers on both EdNA
and Open Net.

* Special topic - Labor law and industrial relations.
Centre for Labour Studies - University of Adelaide

Centre for Labour Studies, headings include Labour Studies Gopher ,Social
Justice Research Foundation, Australian Council of Trade Unions, Business
and Community Services, Labour Issues , Unions and Women's Studies.


The Ministry of Labour is responsible for matters pertaining to
employment, industrial relations, industry safety and health and social
security. . Areas of Responsibility . Industrial Relations; Regulation of
Trade Unions; National Wages ... Also connections to other sites in

Burea of Labor Statistics - USA
Current information from the federal government's principle fact-finding
agency in the field of labor econmics and statistics.

Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Multilaterals Project
Labour related treaties under the heading "Human Rights".

LaborWEB - USA
The AFL-CIO is a US federation of 81 labor unions representing some 13.6
million working men and women who have joined together to help workers
improve their lives on the job and in their communities. Many links to
Internet sites related to industrial and labor relations. Labor Relations
Information Products Daily Labor Report . Labor Relations Reporter . Labor
Relations Week . Union Labor Report . Collective Bargaining Negotiations
and Contracts . Construction Labor Report, Government Employee Relations
Report . See also BNA Books: "Labor & ... URL: (1K)

School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University
Martin P. Catherwood Virtual Library - ILR Virtual Library, a reference to
internet sites of special interest to industrial &labor relations
practitioners, scholars, and students.

U.S. Department of Labor Gopher
URL: gopher://

Computer communications, news, information and resources for a democratic
labor movement. LaborNet@IGC (US) is a community of labor unions,
activists, and organizations using computer networks for
information-sharing and collaboration with the intent of increasing the
human rights and economic justice of workers

University of Minnesota Human Rights
Under the heading "Employment and Forced Labour" links to ILO conventions
and other resources.

UNISON is the biggest trade union in the UK, representing public sector
workers. UNISON is at the forefront of campaigns to defend public services
and essential industries and to protect them against further cuts and

Computer sites
Law Office Technology
Information and consulting on software and hardware products for the law
office. Information also provided related to network security, email
privacy, and computer fraud.

Crime and Criminology
Department of Justice of Canada
The purpose of this site is to furnish citizens of Canada and of the world
with information originating with the federal Department of Justice. These
pages will be regularly updated.

Penal Lexicon
This server provides information on all matters concerned with prisons and
penal affairs. Primarily the focus is on prisons in England, Wales and
Northern Ireland. As more information becomes available coverage will
extend to European and North American prisons.

The Woolfe Report

"Access to Justice - The interim report on the administration of civil
justice in England & Wales", also known as the Woolf Report is now
available on the Internet through the CTI Law Technology Centre Web
Server. URL: International
legal directory via web (Lex Mundi's Hieros Gamos)

Environmental sites
The International Centre for Antarctic Information and Research web site for
information concerning the Antarctic Treaty.

The Oil Spill Public Information Center web site might also be helpful.

Family law
Supreme Court of the State of Florida JOSHUA
The Judicial Online Super Highway User Access System (JOSHUA) is Florida's
state-wide judicial information system. Access is provided to a home pages
for the Family Court Initiative and the Alternative Dispute Resolution as
well as Florida legislation and case law.

Primary legal materials: Case law
Supreme Court of the State of Florida JOSHUA
The Judicial Online Super Highway User Access System (JOSHUA) is Florida's
state-wide judicial information system. Access is provided to a home pages
for the Family Court Initiative and the Alternative Dispute Resolution as
well as Florida legislation and case law.

Reference sites and directories
The Lex Mundi "Hieros Gamos":
An international legal directory on the World Wide Web looks like a pretty
impressive organisation of internet resources - well worth a visit.

The McKinley Internet Directory
Each resource listed in the McKinley Directory is reviewed, evaluated and
rated by its editors. (This may not be a new site - but its new for the
Netwatch editors, and it looks good!)

The Virtual Library
From the virtual library you can access legal resources from all parts of
the internet compiled by a MA students. The virtual library includes links
to networked journals, law reports and some national and international
primary sources of law.

Law Links
Promoted as to the gateway to the internet's most "comprehensive legal
resource site for both Attorneys and Consumers". (We are not sure this is
the case but it certainly a useful site to visit).

* Discussion Lists
Foreign International Law
International lawyers from all over the world are encouraged to subscribe
and join in thediscussion of the most current topics dealing with
international law. This list will allow lawyers from all over the world
who practice international law to have a forum for their discussion and
also as a way to network with each other. To subscribe to the list send an
e-mail message to:
In the body of the message type:
subscribe forintlaw (your name)

Electronic journals and newsletters
Insight is produced by the International Public Affairs Branch of the
Department of Foreign
Affairs and Trade. 1995 + available as a WWW site.

The Legal Express
A newsletter of Australian legal developments published daily by Butterworths

A list for teachers of legal research in all kinds of settings, using formal
and informal types of instruction. Topics raised may include: Pedagogical
issues, such as how to successfully teach legal research to a particular
audience; Efforts to coordinate legal research instruction among law school,
law firm and court libraries; firm and court libraries; Innovative teaching
techniques; and more.
To subscribe to the list send an e-mail message to:
In the body of the message type:
subscribe teachlawres-l [your first name and last name]

Publishers on the Net
Butterworths Legal Information Centre
Butterworths is one of Australia's leading legal, tax and commercial
publishers. This site includes The Legal Express is a daily newsletter on
Australian legal developments as well as their product information.

Shepard's McGraw-Hill
You will find a wealth of information on Shepard's citations, software,
newsletters, treatises and on-line services. Visit "LawTown" a virtual
community connecting users with reference sources,law schools, legal
publishers and vendors.

Reed Reference Publishing
R.R Bowker , Marquis Who's Who, National Register Publishing,
Martindale-Hubbell, Bowker-Saur, K.G. Saur

Women of the world: formal laws and policies affecting their reproductive lives
This site contains a review of women's reproductive freedom in six countries
around the world - Brazil, China, Germany, India Nigeria, and the United
States. Each country's pertinent laws and policies are discussed on a wide
range of topics.

ITAR-TASS Russian News Agency
TASS is the Russian equivalent of UPI, AP or Reuters. This service is in
English and is transmitted to 24 hours a day. TASS covers Russia
as well as the nations of the Commonwealth of Independent States. In
addition TASS has reporters around the world including many locations
where the major western news services do not.

Preserve/Net Law Service
Preserve/Net Law Service is designed to aide lawyers, activists and owners
in understanding the law as it relates to preservation. PLS will provide
hypertext versions of federal and state legislation, full transcripts of
important court cases and analysis of the law from, among others sources,
Preservation Law Reporter

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