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Greenshields, Anne --- "NetWatch: July 1995" [1995] MurdochUeJlLaw 19; (1995) 2(2) Murdoch University Electronic Journal of Law

Title : NetWatch July 1995
Author : Anne Greenshields
Organisation : Murdoch University Library
Keywords : Internet, research, law, legal resources
Abstract : Latest netnews concerning legal resources
Filename : netw2.txt
File Size : 7876 bytes
File Format : ASCII
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by Murdoch University Librarians.

Many of you may have read in the newspapers or seen on the television the
phenomenal rise in the number of Internet sites being added. In
particular sites on the web have grown by 300% in the last year. Just to
remind you web sites are identifiable by the http prefix. If you do not
have software loaded to receive images (netscape, mosaic or cello) then
you should be able to connect to "the web" using lynx. At your host
prompt type lynx and it will give you a text based version of the 'web'.
Not as pretty or as easy to use but it will access the materials
contained on the Web.

We had planned to create another 'subject' focused list but there has been
so much added in the last few months we thought we would try and list a
few of the sites we thought would be most. If any one would like a
particular subject covered in the next issue of this newsletter please let
us know. - Phone the Murdoch University Law Reference Desk 360 2933, or

**Australasian Highlights on the Web

(AustLII) , based at the University of Technology, Sydney, to the Web. As
well as providing links to legal information sites on the Internet AustLII
includes a full text collection of 1167 Commonwealth Acts and 336 Regs
under the heading - Commonwealth Consolidated Legislation. It looks like
they will be updated regularly.

** Australian Legal Resources on the Internet
An index which focuses on Australian, rather than US legal resources.
Relevant to Australian citizens and legal researchers doing comparative law
studies (etc) and seeking Australian legal information.

**Law Book Information Services Web page
Law Books web page includes a summary of Radio National's The Law Report
with Susanna Lobez . the summary is published here each Monday prior to
broadcast each Tuesday at 8.30am and 8pm.

**The Law Book Information Services is also producing the Internet Law
This is a journal of short articles on topical issues relevant to
Australian lawyers. Five articles were published in the Internet Law
Journal during May and June 1995.

**New Zealand - Auckland Law Librarians Group
This page has been made to keep members in touch with each other and aware
of current events. It also includes links to New Zealand information

* Asian Highlights

**Infolink Hong Kong Information Centre.
As yet there does not seem to be a lot there but it is definitely an area
of growth and looks like it might be worth watching.

** Malaysia's Department of Environment
Another site underconstruction worth keeping an eye of for Malaysian

**CEAL - Committee on East Asian Libraries
A web page for librarians interested in Asian electronic information.
Includes pointers to specified resources. Good starting point.

* South Africa

**WITS Law School, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South
The Law School Constitutional Repository includes SA Constitutional Court
Opinions and Constitutional Documents.

* United States
The U.S. Federal Court's Home Page
Maintained by the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts on behalf of
the U.S. Courts. The purpose of the site is to function as a clearinghouse
for information from and about the Judicial Branch of the U.S. Government.

* New Journals

**HARVARD JOURNAL OF LAW & TECHNOLOGY (nb. read ~w1af as ~w1(one)af)
JOLT's coverage including biotechnology, computers, international
technology transfer, intellectual property, medical technologies, and

**The Journal of Online Law
JOL publishes scholarly essays about the law and policy of cyberspace.

**FCIL Newsletter
Foreign, Comparative, and International Law Special Interest Section /
American Association of Law Libraries Newsletter.

**The D-Lib D-Lib Magazine
D-Lib (Digital Library) Magazine is directed toward a broad technical and
professional audience and offers users a unique opportunity to access
discussions of current digital library research, advanced development, and
implementation; news about projects; pointers to useful sites; and to
participate in ongoing debates.

***Law Notes
A co-operative bi-monthly publication of the law firm Murphy Collette
Murphy based in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.

* Other sites of interest

**The Law Reform Commission of British Columbia
A variety of the Commission's Reports and other publications and
materials are available at this site. Databases compiled by the Law
Reform Commission are available for down loading via Anonymous FTP or gopher.

**The California Law Revision Commission
The CLRC works on projects authorized by legislative resolution. The
Commission's projects range from compiling and revising new Codes, major
civil statutes and on to smaller, technical issues. The Commission
frequently reviews and recommends Uniform Laws for adoption in California.

The Information centre is comprised of three libraries the Chicago-Kent
College of Law Library, the Library of International Relations and the
Stuart School of Business Library

**The Biotech Law home page.
Legal and scientific information of interest to researchers in
biotechnology/pharmaceutical science. In addition to a "heads up" guide to
recently-issued U.S. biotech patents, the home page provides links to
additional sources of information on intellectual property protection, as
well as links to selected scientific resources on Internet.

** Recycling Laws International
Raymond Communications provides news and editorials on recycling
legislation in the U.S. and around the world. Michele Raymond is the
nation's top expert on state recycling laws -- and hers is probably the
only "personal style" legislative publication out

** The Canadian Law Resource Centre
CanLaw is a resource center for access to Canadian law firms and Canadian
legal issues. Looks like a good starting point if you need to find
Canadian information on the Internet.

** California Civil Rights Initiative (CCRI)
The Web page offers a view of what CCRI is about and what it hopes to
accomplish. The CCRI is the proposed California ballot initiative which
will eliminate government programs commonly known as affirmative action.

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