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Greenshields, Anne --- "NetWatch: April 1995" [1995] MurdochUeJlLaw 1; (1995) 2(1) Murdoch University Electronic Journal of Law

Title : NetWatch, April, 1995
Author : Anne Greenshields
Organisation : Murdoch University Library
Keywords : Internet, research, indigenous peoples
Abstract : This issue of Netwatch focuses on indigenous resources
available on the internet. While this listing is not a comprehensive list
of indigenous peoples resources it is a list of sites which the library has
been able to connect to and have determined that they are resources which
would interest a researcher in this area. New sites and new discussion lists
follow the special subject section.
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NetWatch, April, 1995

*** Indigenous Peoples Resources ***

An execellent starting point for the Australian Researcher is the
following site:

Aboriginal Studies ANU- WWW Virtual Library
This site contains a wealth of information related to Aboriginal and
indigenous peoples studies. It also is a site with connections made to
numerous sites of relevance under logical sub-headings.

Native Title Cases hosted at UWA.
The Native Title Cases
Archive includes a collection of legal authorities and documents relating
to the Mabo decision and the Federal Native Title Act. Decisions handed
down from the Australian National Native Tribunal and also selected cases
of relevanc e from the High Court, including the latest decision relating
to the West Australian Government challenge to the Commonwealth's Native
Titles Act have been made available for "private study and scholarly

Fourth World Documentation Project Home Page
A significant collection of Fourth World Documentation.

Center For World Indigenous Studies Information

NativeNet WWW Home Page
Native Network WWW Home Page 2

Oneida Indian Nation of NY

The Maori Law Review,
A monthly review oflaw affecting Maori, the indigenous people of New
Zealand. This site contains back issues of the Review from December 1993
to Jan-Feb 1995, and will be regularly updated.

United Nations links.

Indigenous Knowledge
gopher to
Documents related to Intellectual Property
Rights including:
CRS Report: Biotechnology, Indigenous Peoples and IPR
UNDP/RAFI: Conserving Indigenous Knowledge

There were a variety of gopher sites which we were unable to connect to
due to networking problems here at Murdoch University which looked
interesting and had numerous pointers from other sites these include:

Indigenous Peoples at
Indigenous Peoples at
(URL) gopher://
Indigenous & Native at
Art McGee's List of Indigenous Internet Information
Path=UWM Information/Native American Net
Server/Native Internet Information/Art McGee's List of
Indigenous Internet Information

*Discussion lists for those interested in Indigenous Peoples:

Indigenous Knowledge Systems list,
cultural property and indigenous peoples
Send message to
or listserv@uwavm.bitnet:
Body of message to read
subscribe indknow

Issues Pertaining to Aboriginal Peoples
Send message to
or listserv@TAMVM1.bitnet:
Body of message to read
subscribe native-L

*Other discussion Lists

These lists deal with issues concerning native americans:
USENETs: soc.culture.native;

Subscription details should be available in a standard directories such as
Directory of Scholarly Electronic Conferences (via U of Saskatchew).

*** New Resources ***

Public Access to Eleventh Circuit Opinions

Effective January 1, 1995, bulletin board service for access to opinions
of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit will be
discontinued. In lieu of this bulletin board, the Court makes its
opinions routinely available through the World Wide W eb on the Internet.

All of these files are ZIPped. Your web browser needs to be linked to an
UNZIP to be able to look at what's actually out there. It's not the usual

a European Commission service offering user-friendly and interactive
information on the European Union's goals, institutions and policies

Canada - Open Government
Access to decisions of the Supreme Court of Canada, Government
information, and selected statutes and treaties.

Parliament of Australia
Access to resources available from the Department of the Senate,
Department of the Parliamentary Library and a Trial providing Internet
access to Hansard and other parliamentary publication. More resources may
be added as the page develops.

*** Address changes ***

Multilaterals Project at Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy
or by ftp from

*** New Journals ***

Richmond Journal of Law and Technology

** Developments **
LAW LISTS can now be searched using keywords.

The invaluable list of law related electronic discussion lists by Lyonette
Louis-Jacques is now available on a WWW site and can be searched with
great ease.

*** New Discussion Lists ***


A new discussion list for lawyers, law students, librarians, law
professors and others interested in discussing how to use the Internet as
a tool in connection with the practice of law, legal research, and the
growth and development of law and technology.

Send message to:
Body of message to read:

Internet, Computers and Law Listserver Discussion Group
Discussion related to the internet, computers and law.
Send message to
Body of message to read
SUBSCRIBE CMPLAW-L your full name

** Correction**

Journal of Current Issues
In the last issue of E-law Netwatch incorrectly cited the publishers of
the Web journal "Journal of Current Legal Issues". This journal is an
independent publication conceived, and hosted, by the Newcastle Law

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