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Editors --- "New Publications in International Law" [2019] MelbJlIntLaw 23; (2019) 20(2) Melbourne Journal of International Law 651


I Public International Law

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II International Human Rights Law

Khalifa A Alfadhel, The Right to Democracy in International Law: Between Procedure, Substance and the Philosophy of John Rawls (Routledge, 2019) ISBN 9780367193478.

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III International Refugee law

Ali Asgary, Resettlement Challenges for Displaced Populations and Refugees (Springer, 2019) ISBN 9783319924984.

Vincent Chetail, International Migration Law (Oxford University Press, 2019) ISBN 9780199668267.

Michelle Foster and Hélène Lambert, International Refugee Law and the Protection of Stateless Persons (Oxford University Press, 2019) ISBN 9780198796015.

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IV International Criminal Law

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V Law of Armed Conflict

Stuart Casey-Maslen, The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons: A Commentary (Oxford University Press, 2019) ISBN 9780198830368.

Shane Darcy, To Serve the Enemy: Informers, Collaborators, and the Laws of Armed Conflict (Oxford University Press, 2019) ISBN 9780198788898.

Daria Davitti, Investment and Human Rights in Armed Conflict: Charting an Elusive Intersection (Hart, 2019) ISBN 9781509911660.

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VI International Economic Law

Sivan Shlomo Agon, International Adjudication on Trial: The Effectiveness of the WTO Dispute Settlement System (Oxford University Press, 2nd ed, 2019) ISBN 9780198788966.

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Jure Zrilic, The Protection of Foreign Investment in Times of Armed Conflict (Oxford University Press, 2019) ISBN 9780198830375.

VII Private International Law

Arif Hyder Ali, Jane Wessel and Alexandre De Gramont et al, The International Arbitration Rulebook: A Guide to Arbitral Regimes (Wolters Kluwer, 2019) ISBN 9789041138149.

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VIII Law of the Sea

Sam Bateman, Freedoms of Navigation in the Asia-Pacific Region: Strategic, Political and Legal Factors (Routledge, 2019) ISBN 9780367189730.

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IX International Environment Law

Alessandro Antonello, The Greening of Antarctica: Assembling an International Environment (Oxford University Press, 2019) ISBN 9780190907174.

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X Jurisprudence and International Legal Theory

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XI International Legal History

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XII Law of International Organisations

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XIII Miscellaneous

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